Phillip II

Phillip II, King of Spain


Name: Phillip II, king of Spain
Country: Spain
Years Lived: 1527-1598
Years Ruled: 1556-1598
Parents: Charles V, Isabella of Portugal
Years They Ruled:
Spouse(s): 1st- Maria, 2nd- Queen Mary I of England, 3rd- Elizabeth of Valois, 4th- Anna of Austria
Children: Don Carlos, Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain, Catherine Michelle of Spain, Ferdinand Prince of Austrias, Carlos Lorenzo, Diego Prince of Asturias, Phillip III, Maria of Spain
Other Relatives:
Other Interests: learned 3 languages, and learned knightly arts such as jousting.
Other Jobs before becoming a Monarch:

Status Updates: From Phillip II

Phillip II: The riches of the New World are limitless, and the New World is ours - with our ships carrying the Spanish flag on seven seas, our armies sweeping over Africa, the Near East, and the Far West; invincible everywhere... but on our own doorstep. Only northern Europe holds out against us; why? Tell me, why? 
Phillip II: It is impiety, and almost blasphemy to presume to know the will of God. It comes from the sin of pride, Even kings, Brother Nicholas, must submit to being used by God's will without knowing what it is. They must never seek to use it. (a year before he died during the Anglo-Spanish War that took place from 1585-1604)

Phillip II: "O how small a portion of earth will hold us when we are dead, who ambitiously seek after the whole world while we are living."